HUP.MARKET has the Potential to Take NFTs to the Next Level


There’s a reason Steven Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, endorsed the HUP.LIFE NFT Marketplace (HUP.MARKET) and its $HUP utility tokens. HUP.MARKET has the potential to transform NFTs and level the playing field for artists and collectors. It is the ambitious and moral imperative of HUP.MARKET to become the world’s first socially conscious platform for artists.

HUP.LIFE and NFTs: When The Perfect Platform Complements Great Artists

In an effort to save the world, the socially conscious platform plans to start with capybaras. With the launch of the $HUP token, token holders can expect to receive automatic rewards to their crypto wallets just for staking (holding) the tokens in their crypto wallets.

There will be a contribution of 2% donated to a charitable cause with each transaction. In fact, the foundation of HUP.LIFE is to discourage traditional speculation via anti-whale mechanisms.

The $HUP token provides voting and community governance. At its core, the HUP.MARKET is a decentralized, permanent and enforceable platform on a global scale. The platform will also comply with international copyright and securities laws as a legal framework enabling artists to mint and sell copyright NFTs with more freedom and compliance.

The Age of Non-Fungible Tokens is Here to Stay!

NFTs have become a global phenomenon. They are more than just a passing fad, and NFTs will grow stronger with each passing year. Digital artists can now publish their work by uploading and selling their one-of-a-kind art. The trick is to sell the work in a manner that works like an infallible chain of custody. HUP.MARKET is not just another NFT knockoff platform — instead, it will raise the social conscious threshold and grant more control to professional artists’ dealings.

NFTs have managed to open new windows of opportunities for artists to mint and sell their work. And HUP.LIFE wants to make it easier for digital artists to manage transactions effortlessly. With the regulatory compliance model, collectors and artists will be able to realize the full potential of their $HUP tokens.

Unlike other NFT marketplaces, HUP.MARKET does not mindlessly prioritize sales. In fact, the last thing the platform wants is to dissuade or dismantle an artist’s NFT potential.

It is well overdue for artists to be free to mint and sell their artwork. Although other NFT marketplaces offer the ability of artists and collectors to sell their work, HUP.LIFE is a more comprehensive, secure, resilient, decentralized, dedicated, and professional approach for artists to sell and mint their work.

How $HUP Fits Into the Picture

HUP.LIFE wants to change the fundamental approach towards NFTs. On HUP.MARKET, socially conscious digital artists can sell and mint copyrighted NFTs through a secure and recognized legal framework.

Artists can donate up to 5% of each licensing deal, sale, or resale of their work to a preferred charitable organization during minting. Once a purchaser buys the work, the artist is compensated an additional 5% on each licensing deal and resale.

As a visual artist, there is more than one reason to mint a ceNFT rather than NFT:

  • Artists can now receive a fair share from their future licensing deals, sales, and re-sales.
  • ceNFTs transfers the traceable and complete copyright bundle to purchasers
  • ceNFT minted art will undergo separate two layers of validation to establish originality and authenticity.
  • Users will be able to provide proof-of-copyright infringement through consensus and an image recognition engine.
  • The integrated hyperlink in a ceNFT works on the platform’s TDL and decentralized blockchain Domain Name System.
  • Users can expect the metadata file to be on an immutable and decentralized cloud system.
  • With more pinning nodes to the file, users can ensure permanence and promote NFT redundancy.
  • Artists will have the final authority to sell ceNFT to maintain copyrights. After that, artists can license to third parties through the $HUP licensing module that supports Ricardian contract rules.

The Launch of $HUP Comes with Roll Out Socially-driven Token Projects

After the launch, $HUP intends to release to PancakeSwap an equal distribution of liquidity every week for six consecutive weeks. Once the launch becomes official, $HUP will disburse its liquidity to public liquidity platforms.

One of the hallmarks of the $HUP token is its anti-whale token dump mechanism. It means the wallets that have a total supply of 0.25% with burned tokens can sell their total holdings only after 24 hours, and more than 10% each day once this threshold is reduced.

The focus of attention with $HUP is not for day trading nor to speculate in the market. Instead, it seeks to make the world a better place by helping artists enjoy the process. The platform is sufficiently robust to commission smart contract audits by two industry-recognized auditors.

$HUP and NFT Marketplace: Transparency is the Key

Holders can expect complete transparency with the $HUP in token distribution and structure. $HUP has its own token split structure that allows the platform to become self-sufficient and without liquidity in no time.

HUP.LIFE will offer full transparency to blockchain-based community projects. This means community members will be able to confirm their 9 different parameters in transaction wallets. The objective of this elevated transparency is to help end-users manage and monitor a project’s crypto funds.

$HUP Platform: Connect More Dots!

$HUP token holders will also be able to view capybara parties. In fact, community members will be able to meet capybaras in their habitat online. You can even ask questions to caretakers about capybaras. The focus point for end-users is to have 0.01% of $HUP tokens each month to get access to the live stream virtual link of the capybara party. Even if the organization has a different wallet, community members can donate through a verified QR code displayed on the live stream.

The $HUP Token Launch

The contract audit is currently underway and should be released just before or after the token launch. As a socially conscious platform for artists, HUP.LIFE does not believe in pre-sales. It is the main reason $HUP will get a global release on PancakeSwap. The date for the token launch stands at June 15, 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time.

HUP.LIFE understands the importance of democratizing its tokens, and this will be ensured through decentralized community governance. With HUP.VOTE, holders will be able to vote for the most suitable charitable organization that deserves the charity wallet funds collected each month. Despite how many tokens you hold, $HUP will roll out a 1-vote, 1-wallet governance model. You can expect to make your 1st vote during Q4 of 2021.

Monthly $HUP holders can also enjoy extra $HUP rewards. For example, holders can benefit from exclusive rewards like live capybara parties. To celebrate the $HUP launch, the platform has also decided to reward its holders with 0.1% tokens from June to November 2021.

Meet the Team Members of the $HUP

Harrison Ford serves as the President and Founder of HUP.LIFE. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he shares a lifelong love for capybaras. Harrison Jordan is another influential team member with leadership responsibilities.

Donna Tremble serves as the “Head of Product“ and oversees product development matters related to technical systems and network infrastructure. She will be responsible for overseeing the development of the governance framework and the NFT Marketplace.

In an advisory capacity, Jack Bensimon will offer his regulatory compliance expertise on corporate governance, securities law, and privacy concerns.

Conston Taylor has assumed the responsibilities of “Growth and Blockchain Strategist”. Conston Taylor will become the trusted business leader and advisor for $HUP. It would allow the platform to execute more progressive initiatives in the blockchain landscape.

Final Thoughts

The NFT market continues to evolve and trading art has already become democratized across the globe. There were more than $300 million NFT sales in the first two months alone of 2021. Analysts predict that there will be more untapped growth in the foreseeable future.

Besides, it is fulfilling that artists can register their digital art to prove ownership. Gone are the days of exclusive art trading — artists have the power to reap the full benefits of their work. It is no wonder NFTs continue to befuddle economists. When it comes to digital art, the $HUP platform will complement equality with profitability.



I Didn’t Choose the $HUP Life, the $HUP Life Chose Me.