HUP.LIFE is proud to provide to its token holder community a 1-month post token launch report on HUP.LIFE. We can’t wait to recap where we’ve been and tell you where we are going.

Our token launched on Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) PancakeSwap

Initial demand for our token far exceeded our initial expectations.

With the market settling down, it’s important to highlight various initiatives to reach this point, as well as articulate our key objectives in the future.


Let’s start with some of our key accomplishments.

  1. CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap — Listed and Tracked!
  2. TrustWallet — Listed with Logo!
  3. SatoshiStreetBets’ Moonshoot Monday poll — Victorious!
  4. Endorsement From Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. — obtained This was game-changing for us and served as a catalyst that sparked key mentions in other publications.
  5. Featured in Techcrunch? You bet!
  6. We also received favorable press coverage from the following publications:



YAHOO Finance

  1. We passed not one, but two Audits! That’s right — we passed both our CertiK and Haeichi smart contract audits.
  2. We now have over 3,775 $HUP Token wallet address holders! Our addresses grew by 188% in just the last 7 days alone.
  3. Partnership with ETHO Protocol — To advance our goal of a truly decentralized and permanent NFT platform.
  4. The launch of regional and/or language-specific Telegram groups to increase our reach around the world.

Charity Funds

Our charity wallet generated more than 1.6 Trillion $HUP in June alone. That’s significant. At current prices, that is approximately $10,000 USD worth of tokens. We’re reaching out to High Park Zoo, as we intend to donate it to them for use for the capybaras. We’ll keep you posted on any updates!

Going Forward

Now, with the massive momentum we’ve built so far, we are adding the following key items that we believe will help build on the successes that we have achieved thus far.

Farming and Staking Announcement

That’s right! $HUP Token holders will be able to stake their tokens to receive staking rewards that have competitive yields. The HUP.LIFE team is currently negotiating with a few farming and staking platforms. We expect to announce our new staking and farming partner by the end of this week.

HUP.LIFE Mobile App Announcement

HUP.LIFE is announcing the development of a mobile application. The details of this mobile app will be provided in the near future.

HUP.LIFE Airdrop Distributions

We have tallied the results from all four(!) HUP.LIFE Airdrop and Contest campaigns and we are ready to distribute the rewards! That’s right! Reward distribution will begin this week.

HUP.LIFE Partnership Announcements

We have submitted proposed collaboration agreements to 3 reputable blockchain projects that have stated an interest in partnering with us. Each of these projects have their own tokens with great communities behind them. And we’ll be sure you know right when we can tell you after we solidify those relationships.

That’s in addition to the partnership with ETHO Protocol we launched last month!

NFT Platform development for December completion

We are on target for December 2021 for the launch of our beta of our NFT Platform, HUP.MARKET.

We sincerely thank you for being a part of our growing community. If you have stayed with us this far, you are awesome and appreciated. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

Our Community

Our community grows steady each and every day! Check us out on Telegram — either our friendly official group chat or our announcements channel.

I Didn’t Choose the $HUP Life, the $HUP Life Chose Me.