How To Purchase $HUP Tokens using Trust Wallet (iOS)

On an iPhone / iOS device? It’s easy to buy $HUP Tokens using your credit card. Just follow the steps below.

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Step #1: Download TrustWallet & Save your Seed Phrase

On your Android’s device web browser, go here: and click on the Get it on Apple Store button. Once on the Trust Wallet page in App Store, click Get.

Open up Trust Wallet and get get a new

Ensure you copy down or copy your recovery phrase and store it in a safe place!


To start your purchase of BNB with USD with a credit card, click on Smart Chain and then click on BUY BNB.

Enter the Amount you want to purchase, then click next and enter your credit card details.


Type the URL on your Safari / Google Chrome browser. Tap on Go to proceed. You should see a box pop up saying “Import Token.” Check the I Understand box and click Import. NOTE: If you are using Safari browser on your iPad, you need to turn off the Request Desktop Website setting.

Then, tap on the Connect button on PancakeSwap to see the Connect to a wallet menu. Choose WalletConnect.

On the list of supported wallets, choose Trust Wallet, which may simply be referred to as “Trust”.

Launch the Trust Wallet app by tapping on Open (see below).

Connect Trust Wallet

The WalletConnect screen will show up on the Trust Wallet app. Tap on Connect to complete the connection of the app to the PancakeSwap DApp.

Step #4: Swap $BNB Tokens on PancakeSwap for $HUP via WalletConnect

Change the “FROM” token to “BNB”.

Put in the amount of $BNB that you want to swap to $HUP, up to the max in your wallet — to do so, click MAX.

Slippage is basically the amount of price movement that you are willing to tolerate while making your purchase. So if the price of a coin was $10 and you set a 10% slippage that means that you are willing to pay as much as $11 for the coin. If you don’t set your slippage high enough it will fail. If you set it too high then you could risk paying too much.

Click Approve BNB.

If a box pops up saying ‘Open in “Trust”’, click Open (see below).

Tap on Send to continue. Then to proceed with the actual swap of the tokens, we have to go back to the mobile browser and tap on Confirm Swap.

The Trust Wallet app has to be opened again to confirm the transaction.

To submit the transaction, tap on Send. You will see a notification on the mobile browser that the swap was completed successfully.

Step #5: Add $HUP as a Custom Token to Trust Wallet

After the transaction, you won’t actually see your $HUP in your Trust Wallet at first. But have no fear.

In Trust Wallet, click the Toggle icon on the top right, type HUP in, and click “Add Custom Token”.

Change Network to Smart Chain.

Come back here and copy the following code: 0x375A7B6A6F74a5Acb86C420c53C4Ce8cf1d51b4D

Go back to Trust Wallet and click Paste (see below).

You should then see your $HUP in your Trust Wallet (see below).

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully purchased your $HUP Tokens.

Stuck? Call or text us at +1–417–487–4887!

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